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Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and the family

Group Founder: warded
Description: Mario, Kart, New, Tennis, Golf, Luigi, Mansion, Dark, Moon, Bowser, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Poochy, Zelda, Link, Ganon, Ganondorf, Ocarina, Majora, Pokemon, Ultra, Sun, Pikachu, Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Explorers, Kirby, Triple Deluxe, Robobot, Mega Man, Legacy Colletion, Fire Emblem, Fates, Echoes, Awakening, Hyrule, Warriors, Tales of, Etrian Odyssey, Untold, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, 7th Dragon, Shin Megami Tensei, Metroid, Samus, Prime, Resident Evil, Angry Birds, Super Smash Bros, Rogue, Mystery Dungeon, Shantae, Zero Escape, Free, Anime, Applications, Videos, Games, Demos, Kid Icarus, Uprising, Bravely Default, Second, End Layer, Monster Hunter, Stories, Ultimate, Scribblenauts, Dragon Quest, VII, VIII, XI, Youkai Watch, Project X Zone, Puzzle, Dragons, Tekken, 3D, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Kingdom Hearts, Persona Q, Code Name Steam, RPG, Maker, FES, Player, Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology, eshop, internet browser, Nintendo, 3DS, 2DS, XL, New, Stylus, Touch Screen, WLAN and WIFI Support, Wireless, Online, Network, Router, Red, Metallic, Black, Matte, Circle Pad, Pro, lol, pmpl, Prodigits, Wap, Mobi, Groups, Love, haha, Xenoblade Chronicles, Adventure Labyrinth Story, Brave, Master Hand, Ever Oasis, Star Fox, Tom Clancy, Handheld Device, SD Card, microSD, Memory, Storage, Fun, Pix, Life, Style, Metal, Power, Heavy, Jokes, Castlevania, Gamers, Forum, Cartridges, Stereo, Sound, XYBA, ARM, RISC, Processor, Video, Games, Pringles, Laugh, Out, Loud, Virtual, Console, Brand, Warded, Phazon, Game Boy, Color, NES, SNES, DSi, Amiibo, Toys, USB, Plug, Shovel Knight, Shadow Wars, Star,
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Members: 2
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (44)

go eShop discounts / highlights (3) warded

go ** CHAT BOX ** (4) warded
Fire away!

go ** JOIN US NOW! ** (0) warded
Do it! now.gif

go Ace Attorney games on 3DS (6) warded
NDS - 3DS, By Capcom

go Games rated 18+ (adult only) (1) warded
Dementium Remastered, Corpse Party, Zero Time Dilemma etc.

go Dragon Quest games on 3DS (7) warded
NDS - 3DS , Chronological order

go A Brief History (5) warded
The design of NDS (and later 3DS) take after the dual screen Game and Watch games from the 1980s.

go Parascientific Escape games on 3DS (3) warded
redalert.gif 3DS eShop only , obviously take ideas from Zero Escape games

go Zero Escape games on 3DS (3) warded
NDS - 3DS. By Spike Chunsoft

go Physical or Digital Releases (2) warded
I'm mostly into physical ones.

go Game Demos (6) warded
According to the filter there are 160 demos out there. (Europe and UK)

go Etrian Odyssey games on 3DS (6) warded
NDS - 3DS. In Chronological order. There is also a Mystery Dungeon version of EO.

go Pokemon games on 3DS (14) warded
Pretty much all of them across eShop, NDS and 3DS

go Buying Guide (5) warded
Just go for a ''NEW'' 3DS or 2DS. There really is no reason to buy any of the old models today.

go Free Applications (7) warded
There are some in the eShop.


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