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Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and the family

Group Founder: warded
Description: Mario, Kart, New, Tennis, Golf, Luigi, Mansion, Dark, Moon, Bowser, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Poochy, Zelda, Link, Ganon, Ganondorf, Ocarina, Majora, Pokemon, Ultra, Sun, Pikachu, Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Explorers, Kirby, Triple Deluxe, Robobot, Mega Man, Legacy Colletion, Fire Emblem, Fates, Echoes, Awakening, Hyrule, Warriors, Tales of, Etrian Odyssey, Untold, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, 7th Dragon, Shin Megami Tensei, Metroid, Samus, Prime, Resident Evil, Angry Birds, Super Smash Bros, Rogue, Mystery Dungeon, Shantae, Zero Escape, Free, Anime, Applications, Videos, Games, Demos, Kid Icarus, Uprising, Bravely Default, Second, End Layer, Monster Hunter, Stories, Ultimate, Scribblenauts, Dragon Quest, VII, VIII, XI, Youkai Watch, Project X Zone, Puzzle, Dragons, Tekken, 3D, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Kingdom Hearts, Persona Q, Code Name Steam, RPG, Maker, FES, Player, Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology, eshop, internet browser, Nintendo, 3DS, 2DS, XL, New, Stylus, Touch Screen, WLAN and WIFI Support, Wireless, Online, Network, Router, Red, Metallic, Black, Matte, Circle Pad, Pro, lol, pmpl, Prodigits, Wap, Mobi, Groups, Love, haha, Xenoblade Chronicles, Adventure Labyrinth Story, Brave, Master Hand, Ever Oasis, Star Fox, Tom Clancy, Handheld Device, SD Card, microSD, Memory, Storage, Fun, Pix, Life, Style, Metal, Power, Heavy, Jokes, Castlevania, Gamers, Forum, Cartridges, Stereo, Sound, XYBA, ARM, RISC, Processor, Video, Games, Pringles, Laugh, Out, Loud, Virtual, Console, Brand, Warded, Phazon, Game Boy, Color, NES, SNES, DSi, Amiibo, Toys, USB, Plug, Shovel Knight, Shadow Wars, Star,
Group Type: Public join
Members: 6
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (48)

go eShop discounts / highlights (8) warded

go What game are you playing? (13) warded
See title.

go System Updates (2) warded
There are two ways to get updates; Internet or on a game cart.

go Health and Safety (2) warded
Take a 15 minute break per every 1 hour of playtime. Some games even notify you about this.

go Prodigits' Games Forum (3) warded
If you are not a regular, please move yourself there immediately. redalert.gif

go NEW 3DS Exclusive Games (6) warded
Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Warriors.

go Free Applications (8) warded
There are some in the eShop.

go Battery life (3) warded
khaliq.gif It appears that the old 3DS has better battery life.

go Buying Guide (6) warded
Just go for a ''NEW'' 3DS or 2DS. There really is no reason to buy any of the old models today.

go Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (3) warded
IGA comes back with a good castlevania-like game.

go Game Demos (9) warded
According to the filter there are 160 demos out there. (Europe and UK)

go Pre-owned games (4) warded
The NDS/3DS game carts do not break by accident. This makes buying them pre-owned somewhat safe. good.gif

go ASH (3DS game) (1) warded
redalert.gif Even though it is a decent game, it has some serious bugs...

go Amiibos (3) warded
Figures with RFID / NFC functionality.

go Game Updates and DLC (2) warded
Game Updates and patches are free. The system will tell you to update when you select a game in home menu.


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